Sedation Dentistry in Calgary

Sedation dentistry is a popular way to ease the pain and anxiety of dental patients, or assist with certain lengthy or delicate dental procedures. Sedation dentistry is particularly effective for those with a very real and often debilitating dental phobia (a fear of going to the dentist) or those who have a negative reaction to the sights and sounds of a dental office. Imagine Dental offers a sedation dentist at our downtown Calgary clinic for any patient who feels it necessary, or for those patients who need to complete multiple procedures in one visit. Many times, patients are not aware that a sedation dentist is an option, or the fact that there are several different kinds of oral and IV sedation dentistry. You can discuss your best options for sedation dentistry with your dental team during your next visit, or ask the dentist online.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Conscious Sedation
In conscious sedation, the patient is in a very relaxed state of mind and body. Conscious sedation minimizes any pain through the use of effective pain relievers and light sedatives. Patients are usually able to respond to verbal cues throughout the procedure, and can communicate any discomfort to the dental team. Many patients experience a brief amnesia, which erases their memory of the procedure. Afterwards, you will need a ride home from the dental office as you will not be able to drive or return to work. The sedative will clear the body by the following day so you can resume normal activities.

IV Sedation Dentistry
IV sedation dentistry can be used as either general anaesthesia (to induce a state of unconsciousness), or conscious sedation (to induce an altered state of consciousness). An IV sedation dentist will give the patient medicine through an intravenous (IV) tube inserted into one of their veins. The IV insertion process is usually very quick and involves little, if any, pain. Once the IV is inserted, the effects of the sedative are immediate and the patient will generally not feel any discomfort. Imagine Dental offers a very popular IV sedation dentist in Calgary for patients 12 years of age and older.

Oral Sedation
Oral sedation dentistry involves taking a sedative orally, then receiving nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to supplement the sedative's effects before your procedure. Your comfort level and vital signs are keenly monitored throughout your visit to ensure you are relaxed and pain-free.

Nitrous Oxide
Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is used in dentistry for its ability to reduce or block pain, enhance patient comfort and relieve anxiety without using sedatives or general anaesthesia. It is known as "laughing gas" due to the euphoric effects of inhaling it. The gas (usually mixed with oxygen) is inhaled by the patient through a facemask. The amount of gas each patient receives is carefully monitored and controlled by the dental team to ensure safety. The effects of nitrous oxide start to subside immediately once the mask is removed. This is a great option for those who need to drive themselves home or continue normal activities following their visit. Ensure you discuss this option with your doctor, as sometimes several different types of sedatives might be used during your visit.

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