Client Testimonials

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June 11, 2013
It has been six months since Dr Davids completed my full mouth restoration and, every day, I celebrate my new smile. I made an investment in “me” and have no regrets.
Dr Danielle Davids is a natural. She is state of the art, passionate, genuine and interested in “you”.
I was concerned that my new teeth were not going to look “natural” in my mouth so, you need to know that my involvement in the process was welcomed. I learned so much about the tooth and color and personal preference and technique and this took out any “guessing” along the way. I feel, without question, that I had the best dentist, the best ceramist, the best materials, the best technology and expertise. I felt “heard” by the staff that I interfaced with: Dr Davids, Elena, Kylene, Ashley, Vanessa, Sherry and even Vesna, my dental ceramist or “tooth maker”. (By the way, I highly recommend you take the time to visit the ceramist’s lab and experience the making of your teeth, you will get the end product you desire and feel much more confident about the outcome)
This was my experience…..
Dr Danielle Davids and Elena were ever present in the original consultations and surely provided me various options to restore my teeth considering timelines and financial restrictions. I chose Neuromuscular Dentistry as my starting point as it was logical to ensure my bite was correct before engaging in any restorative work. I began wearing my orthodontic appliance in July and was ready to begin restorative treatment at the end of September.
Ideally, I wanted to have a full mouth restoration and did not want “patchwork” dentistry performed over time but was not really sure how I was going to pull it off. Then, I researched claiming the dentistry costs as a Medical Expense on my Income Tax return and my decision was made but, all of the expense needed to incur in the current tax year.
Imagine Dental was able to accommodate me by prepping my uppers and inserting my temporary’s in mid-October and inserting my permanent’s two weeks later. The same occurred for my lowers in mid and late November and these were pretty much all day appointments and under sedation. My recovery time was minimal and, honestly, any pain or discomfort was minimal if non-existent.
I highly recommend Dr Davids as your everyday dentist and as your “go to” dental restoration expert. The service is right, the price is right, the end results are exceptional. And, along the way you will experience unexpected decadences such as foot massages, hand massages, warm blankets, a place on the Wall of Smiles and, quite possibly, new friends.


Thanks to Dr. Davids and her entire team of dedicated professionals, visits to the dentist are no longer an issue for me! 

Treatments are explained, questions or concerns answered and procedures completed with little or no discomfort. 

In addition to the excellent care and attention to detail received in the chair, the office is friendly, modern and a has relaxing spa-like vibe.    



I heard about Imagine Dental from a co-worker and am so pleased for taking a leap of faith and trusting Dr. Hoover and her excellent team. I've sat down with Elena who patiently and thoroughly explained a treatment plan that works for me. Ashley took the time to find out and answer my many insurance questions.  Sherry’s dental hygiene expertise and gentle care addressed my gum issues.  After a very long appointment with Dr. Hoover, requiring fillings and a temporary crown, I was expecting the worst pain but I am thrilled to say the treatment went great. I slept fitfully and the day after (today) I feel only very minor discomfort. Thank you to everyone at Imagine Dental!


Helen H.

There are several exciting things about Imagine Dental. It is made up of health care individuals that are very personable, yet highly professional. They are passionate about their work – whether in the office, in the community or pursuing educational opportunities. Also, you might be hard pressed to find a more positive group in one place!

The team at Imagine creates an environment that really values the person in the dental chair. Realistic treatment options are provided and discussed – your input is always welcome and viewed without judgment. I appreciate the quality of service provided at every visit because my teeth have now become an investment rather than a liability. There is no doubt that I view Imagine as my centre of the dental universe!