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What if I Don’t Have Insurance?

We care a lot about our patients and their dental health, which is why we offer customized treatment plans that work with every individual’s time and budget. We also offer third party financing and customizable payment options.

Do You Offer Financial Assistance for Your Services?

Of course! We offer third party financing as well as payment options tailored to each patient’s needs and the type of procedure they require.

We use PayBright Financing, which gives us the ability to offer better and more efficient payment programs to our patients, without worrying about the cost. PayBright:

  • Offers instant approvals
  • Removes the financial barrier
  • Is available 24 hours a day, year-round for your convenience

All our clients have to do is fill out their application online to begin the fast pre-approval process.

What if I Need to Cancel My Appointment?

We strive to provide excellent dental care to all of our patients. When an appointment is scheduled, that time has been set aside for you and, when it is missed, that time cannot be used to treat another patient.

Because of this, we have implemented an Appointment Cancellation Policy.

Our policy is as follows:

We require that you give our office 48 business hours notice if you need to reschedule your appointment. This allows for other patients to be scheduled into that appointment slot.

If you miss an appointment without contacting our office within the required time, this is considered a missed appointment. A fee of $50.00 will be charged to you. You are responsible for paying this fee, and this fee cannot be billed to your insurance company.

Do You Do Pre-Procedure Estimates?

Absolutely! When requested, we can take all the information needed and either submit it electronically or mail away to your insurance company.

Some insurance companies will tell us the patient portion immediately for fillings and smaller procedures. Other times we need to mail information or the patient will hear back via letter, email, or through a posting on their insurance portal.

Is Invisalign Covered Under My Insurance?

That all depends on what plan your employer has chosen for you. Check under orthodontics to find out what orthodontic procedures are and are not covered. If you are covered, check the maximum coverage and find out if your coverage is paid out in increments.

Most patients have coverage between $1500 and $3500. Check and make sure that your plan covers orthodontics for all members of your plan, not just dependents. We frequently find that many plans only cover orthodontics for minor dependents.

Does Imagine Dental Accept Assignment?

Imagine Dental is a non-assignment office. We do not accept assignment payments from insurance companies.

A dental plan is a contract between a patient and their dental plan carrier.

Unfortunately, due to privacy regulations, it is becoming more difficult to communicate with insurance companies regarding payments. The details of a patient’s plan are protected by the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

Due to these restrictions regarding which services are and are not covered by a patient’s plans, we made a choice to have our patients pay us directly for all services. We will continue to help with claim submission and pre-authorizations; however, it is the patient’s responsibility to know what is covered in their plan, including any limits to the plan or changes, and to seek reimbursement from their dental plan provider.

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